Holistic Arogya

Our Products


Anti-aging oil that helps clear pigmentation / dark spots and uneven skin

Hair - Miracle

A combination of ayurvedic/essential oils that control hair loss and enhance hair growth

Sweet Dreams

A luxurious emollient that helps to relax and destress. Regular application and massaging on the soles of feet induces sound sleep

Let It Go

Combination of essential oils that helps to relieve stress and anxiety

Saff-Miracle Facial Soap

Combination of ayurvedic herbs, saffron and essential oil. Keeps skin smooth and hydrated, good for pigmentation and dark spots. Better results if used in combination with Saff-Miracle

Grow Brow Grow

Growth serum made of essential and herbal oil to enhance eyebrow and eyelash growth

Breathe EZ by Mystique

A natural Immunity Booster

Knee Majick

Made with pure neem oil and ayurvedic herbs. Regular use will help with knee pain

Mystique Lip Oil

Helps prevent dry and cracked lips, can be used under lipstick to give a glossy look