Colon Hydrotherapy

Our Signature Therapy - Colon Hydrotherapy

A healthy colon will eliminate undigested food, faeces, harmful bacteria, toxins and dead cells naturally three times a day, after each main meal. In a healthy colon an inner membrane produces mucus that aids in the movement of digested and undigested food and also acts as a protective layer to prevent the absorption of toxins. When certain types of food that contain toxins or parasites are eaten, the membrane goes into protective mode and produces large amounts of mucus.

The most effective way to rid the intestinal walls of these harmful toxins is through colon hydrotherapy. At Holistic Arogya, these therapies are carried out by an experienced naturopathy doctor using sophisticated and FDA approved equipments. High standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained throughout the sessions.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy improves the functional capacity of the gastrointestinal system - which gives you better nutritional absorption and effective removal of waste through excretion

Natural immunity levels improve tremendously. As less stress on vital organs leads to better functioning capacity. It's the one of the most effective and simplest method to get rid of parasites in the body.

What else can Colon Hydrotherapy do for you?
Prevents constipation
Improves memory and concentration
Aids in weight loss
Reduces the risk of colon cancer tremendously
Helps the body to maintain optimal pH in all areas
Relaxes and tones the muscles in the abdomen
Improves digestion
Hydrates your body effectively
Improve overall well-being
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